Trans. by Megan McDowell
Fiction | In translation


From the Argentian author of Fever Dream and the incredible short story collection Mouthful of Birds, Schweblin's second novel Little Eyes is equally as unnerving and brilliant as her previous works.

They're everywhere. They're watching you... They've infiltrated apartments in Hong Kong, shops in Vancouver, the streets of Sierra Leone, town squares of Oaxaca, schools in Tel Aviv, bedrooms in Indiana.Anonymous and untraceable, these seemingly cute cuddly toys reveal the beauty of connection between far-flung souls - but they also expose the ugly truth of our interconnected society. Samanta Schweblin's wildly imaginative new novel pulls us into a dark and complex world of unexpected love, playful encounters and marvellous adventures. But beneath the cuddly exterior, kentukis conceal a truth that is unsettlingly familiar and exhilaratingly real. This is our present and we're living it - we just don't know it yet.


*Little Eyes comes with two different covers, and the cover you receive will be chosen at random*

Little Eyes - Samanta Schweblin