Book Subscription Boxes for Contemporary Literature Lovers

Destination Books is an independent online bookstore which puts together a conscious curation of contemporary literature for readers who want to read diversely. Each curation features 20 contemporary book titles from diverse authors and independent publishers, as well as plenty of translated fiction.

We're launching a new UK book subscription box for readers of literary fiction & non-fiction!

Our book boxes feature books from our curation which are hand-picked for each reader based on their specified interests and favourite genres. What's more, there are 5 book boxes to choose from and these can be purchased as one-off boxes for yourself or your bookish friends, or on a subscription basis meaning you'll get regular bookmail to make your day.

In this blog post, we're telling you more about each of the book boxes and helping you decide which book box is right for you.

Literary Book Boxes for Diverse Readers

There are 5 different book subscription boxes available for different types of readers and different budgets.

Each box contains gorgeous literary goodies, including bookmarks and bookish stationery, which have a minimal and modern aesthetic and are eco-friendly and produced by independent designers.

You can find out more about the box design and see our mood board here.

Here's a breakdown of each box and some tips to help you decide which box is for you!

The Conscious Reader

Includes 1 new paperback book from the current curation, handpicked based on your interests plus literary goodies

This box is for you if:

  • You want to read more diversely

  • You want to choose whether to receive fiction or non-fiction

  • You're always tempted by the Destination Books curations

  • You're technically on a book-buying ban but need this box in your life (this is our lowest priced box)

  • You want a taster of Destination Books curations and subscriptions

The Worldy Reader

Includes 1 in-translation fiction book (new paperback) plus literary goodies

This box is for you if:

  • You want to de-centre your reading

  • You've read too much American and British literature

  • You love reading translations

  • You want to read about different cultures

  • You've not travelled for ages and need to be transported somewhere by your next read

The Indie Lover

Includes 2 new paperback books from independent publishers plus literary goodies

This box is for you if:

  • Independent publishing excites you

  • Some of your favourite books were independently published

  • Your bookshelves need a shake up - there's a lot of similar stuff on there

  • You want to test out some new indie publishers

  • You don't like to do/read what everyone else is doing/reading

The Feminist Reader

Includes 2 new paperback books by female authors and/or addressing feminist themes plus literary goodies

This box is for you if:

  • You're an intersectional feminist

  • You want to read about feminist themes & issues

  • You want to learn more about feminism

  • You've read too many male-authored books

  • You want to bear witness to women's experience and voices

The Avid Reader

Includes 3 books from the curation (new paperbacks) hand-picked based on your interests plus literary goodies

This box is for you if:

  • You need several books to sustain you - you get through them at speed

  • You want to commit to diverse reading and take the opportunity to add add more diverse titles to your shelves, as this subscription box contains 3 books!

  • You like variety in your reading

  • You can't leave a bookshop with only one book

  • You find that there are too many good books to choose from out curations and you would like us to help you choose

So, which book box is for you? If you're still unsure, drop us a message and we can find out more about your reading tastes and motivations and give you a personalised recommendation.

Similarly, as these book boxes make a perfect gift for readers, if you're buying a book box for someone else and aren't sure which box will be best for them, get in touch and we'll use our bookish expertise to help you find the perfect gift!

Order your one-off book box here.

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Find out more about our subscription box by watching our promo video below:

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