A conscious curation of contemporary literature – created by Lauren: a Literature PhD researcher

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My mission is to create a resource for you to find high-quality, contemporary literature from diverse authors that speaks to key social themes.

A ‘conscious curation' is an intentional and diverse selection of titles which is conscious of social issues and themes such as feminism, race, class, disability, LGBTQ+, identity and environmentalism, with a focus on translated texts and independent publishing.

By committing to reading diversely we can:

  • Uplift marginalised voices
  • Deepen our understanding of our selves / others / culture(s)
  • Expand our awareness and become more socially responsible people (literature can change the way we view / act in the world)
  • Increase demand for diversity in the publishing industry

The good news is that you don’t need to keep up with the fringes of the publishing industry or undertake extensive research to improve the diversity of your reading

Each month, I consciously curate 5 diverse book recommendations which I read and review throughout the month. I would love to share my curation with you, for free, each month. I also label each book recommendation in the curation with key themes and genres so you can easily find books that align to your specific interests.

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Happy reading!

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