an online bookstore providing a conscious curation of contemporary literature for avid readers. refreshed every 3 months so there's always something new to find

what is a conscious curation? an intentional and diverse selection of titles which is conscious of social issues and important themes such as feminism, race, class, disability, LGBTQ+ voices, identity and environmentalism, with a focus on translated texts and independent publishing. 

why contemporary literature? at Destination Books, we believe that enough people have already read the classics (generally written by dead, white guys, right?) and we'd rather give our time to exciting, fresh and diverse voices and stories that reflect and comment on contemporary experience. although we like to indulge in the occasional classic, we'll be sharing only contemporary (generally post 2000) literature with you here.


we want to be a go-to, focussed resource for readers of contemporary literature. that's why our curation is limited to contemporary works and literary titles. this way, you know exactly what you're getting and exactly where to come if you love contemporary literary fiction & non-fiction as much as we do.

 Socially-important themes & your favourite literary genres: consciously curated for you.


- Intersectional feminism

- Race

- Identity

- Disability & illness


- In translation

- Independent publishing


- Creative non-fiction

- Essay collections

- Literary fiction

- Life writing

- Poetry

- Short stories

Meet your bookseller.

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Bookseller & Owner

A PhD Researcher in English Literature, specialising in contemporary feminist life-writing, Lauren launched Destination Books as another way to share her passion for diverse, contemporary literature.

I've always focussed on marginal feminist texts in my academic research, because that's what research is all about for me: shining light on texts and authors that have been neglected. 

I'm passionate about uplifting marginalised voices but finding these texts isn't always easy, and so I do the research for us and hope that my curation provides you with a go-to resource for diverse reading.

I hope that my curation of diverse literature can help us to: 

  • Deepen our understanding of our selves / others / culture(s)

  • Expand our awareness and become more socially responsible people (literature can change the way we view / act in the world)

  • Increase demand for diversity in the publishing industry

I hope you'll join me in this reading journey & let me know which other themes/voices are missing from bookstores and should be added to the curation!

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