a conscious curation of contemporary literature 

independent online & pop-up bookstore


an intentional selection of book titles with
socially important themes and diversity of voice at its core,
with a focus on translated texts and independent publishing. 


20 hand-picked titles

Our curation is a trusted resource for fans of contemporary literary fiction & non-fiction who share an interest in our key themes and diverse reading. 

Each curation features 20 high-quality titles from diverse authors and independent publishers, and is arranged by genre and theme, making it easier to choose a new book that you'll love.

refreshed every 3 months

A new curation is launched every 3 months so you'll always be able to find something new and exciting to read, as well as being able to shop from past curations.

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An online bookstore providing a conscious curation of contemporary literature for avid readers. Refreshed every 3 months so there's always something new to find

Socially-important themes & your favourite literary genres: consciously curated for you.

Curated by Literature PhD Researcher Lauren.

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